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2020-2023 Ford Flip Remote Key Strattec 5939651

2020-2023 Ford Flip Remote Key Strattec 5939651-0 thumb

2020-2023 Ford Flip Remote Key Strattec 5939651


Compatible Part Number164-R8269
Key BladeNot Included
Buttons"3" (Lock - Unlock - Panic)
Remote TypeFlip Remote Key
Strattec Part Number5939651
Chip TypeTexas 4D 63 128-Bit
Works on the following models:Ford Maverick (2022)
Ford Lightening (2023)
Ford F-Series (2021-2022) "Raptor"
Ford F-Series 750 (2023)
Ford F-Series 650 (2023)
Ford F-Series 550 (2023)
Ford F-Series 450 (2023)
Ford F-Series 250 Super Duty (2023)
Ford F-Series 350 Super Duty (2023)
Ford F-Series 150 (2021-2023)
Ford Escape (2020-2022)

Genuine OEM New Strattec key Part number 5939651  / , FCC ID N5F-A08TAA, frequency 315MHz. Fits Ford Maverick (2022),Ford Lightening (2023),Ford F-Series (2021-2022),Ford F-Series 750 (2023),Ford F-Series 650 (2023),Ford F-Series 550 (2023),Ford F-Series 450 (2023),Ford F-Series 250 Super Duty (2023),Ford F-Series 350 Super Duty (2023),Ford F-Series 150 (2021-2023),Ford Escape (2020-2022)

This is a Genuine Original Strattec Ford Flip key fob that comes in the Original Strattec manufacturer bag.

This Ford push to start key has 3 buttons, Lock, Unlock, Panic and comes including a battery CR2032, designed to work with vehicles that are equipped with push start button (push to start cars).

Please note that the key blade is included with this Ford keyless remote.

This Strattec Ford key fob replacement needs to be programmed by a professional automotive locksmith or a local car dealer and the price above does not include the programming cost. We do not offer any locksmith services (programming – cutting keys).

Please be sure to check the vehicle compatibility guide and match the Manufacturer's Part Number / FCC ID as there are remotes that look the same but are different.

If you are not sure that this remote is compatible with your vehicle, we can help you check the compatibility, it is a free service from KEY4.

We just need the VIN number if available and it is better to also share the make/model/trim/year for your vehicle.
If you want to check the compatibility now, you can reach us through chat, WhatsApp, or phone or send us an offline message.

Compatibility This part is compatible with 16 vehicle(s).

2023FordF-Series 750
2023FordF-Series 650
2023FordF-Series 550
2023FordF-Series 450
2023FordF-Series 250 Super Duty
2023FordF-Series 350 Super Duty
2021FordF-Series 150
2022FordF-Series 150
2023FordF-Series 150