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Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool For Mercedes Benz Key Programming Device

Condition New

VVDI MB Key Programming Tool is designed to program Mercedes Benz keys without desoldering/resoldering.


  • All keys lost situation
  • Key reading and writing
  • EIS tools
  • Password calculation*
  • Key file preparing
  • ESL tools
  • ECU/Gearbox renew
  • Online update
  • 2 year warranty
Software Version 4.5.0 capabilities:

Password Calculation With All Keys Lost Without Removing The EIS

W166, W197, W212, W218, W246

Password Calculation With All Keys Lost Removing The EIS Without Soldering Or Eprom (OBD EIS Cable Adapter Required)

W164, W169, W172, W202, W203, W204, W207, W208, W209, W210, W211, W216, W221, W251(2009-), W463, W639, W906

**Note:  Password Calculation Time Will Be Significantly Less When Using A W164 Fast Gateway Adapter Along With The OBD EIS Cable Adapter**

1. VVDI-MB TOOL device
2. IR adaptor
3. USB cable
4. NEC adaptor 1
5. NEC adaptor 2
6. NEC adaptor base PCB
7. K Line in OBD line
8. OBD line
Optional Accessories:
Power Adapter for Quick Data Acquisition
NEC ELV Adaptor
NEC Key Adaptor
ESL Emulator
EIS/ELV Test Line