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Keyline Ninja Total All-In-One Automatic Electronic Key Cutting Machine for Edge Cut, Laser and Dimple Keys

Keyline Ninja Total All-In-One Automatic Electronic Key Cutting Machine for Edge Cut, Laser and Dimple Keys-0 thumb

Keyline Ninja Total All-In-One Automatic Electronic Key Cutting Machine for Edge Cut, Laser and Dimple Keys

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POWER SUPPLY110V 50-60Hz / 220-240V 50-60Hz
ABSORPTION250W (35W in stand-by)
GAUGEEDGE CUT KEY SIDE: Automatic gauge unlock through the movement of the axes
EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS2 USB 2.0 ports; 2 RS232 serial ports; 1 LAN port
ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTMainboard with ARM Cortex A8 CPU, 256 MB RAM, NAND 1 GB memory, high resolution axes control
CUTTEREDGE CUT KEY SIDE: 63 mm carbide cutter LASER KEY SIDE: 2.5mm cutter
LIGHTING2 LED STRIPS - lighted cutting bay
MOTOREDGE CUT KEY SIDE: Asynchronous, 0.18 KW LASER KEY SIDE: DC electronic motor
MOVEMENTS/AXES3 stepper motor-operated axes
WEIGHT65 lbs.
KEY READING SYSTEMSEDGE CUT KEY SIDE: mechanical tracer with linear sensor LASER, DIMPLE KEY SIDE: electric contact
CUTTER SPEEDEDGE CUT KEY SIDE: 1500-3000 rpm (variable speed according to the programs) DIMPLE KEY AND LASER KEY SIDE: 13,000 rpm

Ninja Total is the exclusive all-in-one electronic key cutting machine that copies, decodes and codes edge cut keys and decodes and codes laser and dimple keys.

Ninja Total is the ideal machine for locksmiths who want to offer a key cutting service with a complete and high-performing tool.

Versatile and complete. The combination of two key-cutting stations makes it possible to cut both residential and car keys, with a single machine, quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality and precision during the cutting process. Ninja Total is available with the optional engraving function for the head of the keys, through the dedicated C25 clamp.

Quick and performing. The high quality technology based on the combined action of three axes and two powerful motors allows the key cutting in a single pass, speeding up machine performance.

New clamp. Ninja Total is equipped with the new, exclusive C30 clamp for the majority of dimple and laser keys, and with a large set of small milling cutters to cut the most popular keys.

Ergonomic and sturdy. Easy to handle and use, thanks to its wide operating station, Ninja Total is the ideal tool in all situations, for all jobs and environments.

Easy and intuitive. The advanced Liger Software developed by Keyline makes Ninja Total easy to use through an intuitive user interface, supported by a strong and stable industrial console which allows quick access to one of the most complete key databases in the market.

Patented technology. Innovation and quality are guaranteed by extensive international protection: Patent for Utility Model for the double cutting station and Patent pending for the sliding reading group.

What Package Includes:

  • A03 Clamp
  • C30 Clamp
  • 63mm Carbide Cutter
  • V003 High Security Cutter
  • T01 High Security Tracer
  • V001 Dimple Cutter
  • T02 Dimple Tracer
  • AV12 Ford Adaptor
  • 4mm T-Handle Wrench
  • 4 GB Flash Drive
  • 5 Key Blanks

Supported Keys:

  • Tibbe Keys
  • High Security Keys
  • Laser Keys
  • Dimple Keys
  • Edge Cut Keys
  • Tubular Keys