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MAGNUS One Handed Door Pry Tool

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MAGNUS One Handed Door Pry Tool


  • Product Code: #TOOL-MAG-DPT
  • Manufacturer: Magnus
  • Categories: Tools

The Magnus Tool Company One-Handed Door Pry Tool stands out as the preferred solution for unlocking car doors. Employ this tool to initiate a temporary gap in the door effortlessly. Once the air wedge is fully inserted, you can remove the One-Handed Door Pry Tool, allowing you to proceed with your task seamlessly. This tool is effective even for vehicles with tighter tolerances.

While the primary body shares the durability of others with hard plastic construction, it incorporates a curved design, providing additional space and leverage. The bump, crafted from softer TPU plastic (similar to cell phone cases), ensures no harm to the vehicle's paint and eliminates the need for protruding metal bolts that could potentially damage the vehicle.
In contrast to rubber counterparts, our air wedges feature professional-grade ballistic nylon, guaranteeing an extended lifespan. Magnus Air Wedges surpass the competition in user-friendliness and longevity.