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Texas Instruments TI Crypto 4D 60-80 Bit Transponder Chip

Weight 0.016oz
Condition New
Color Black
Type Carbon

This Chip is used to generate  4D60, 4D61, 4D62, 4D67, 4D68, Toyota G and others.

Found in transponders:

  • 4D60 (uncoded blank): NI01, NI02, KK7-PT, MIT8-PT, MIT9-PT
  • 4D61 coded: MIT12-PT, MIT13-PT, MIT14-PT, Y165-PT, Y162-PT
  • 4D62 coded: SUB4-PT, DAT17T13
  • 4D67 coded: TOY44D-PT, TOY44G-PT
  • 4D68 coded: TOY50-PT
  • 4D60 Coded for 80-Bit Subaru G-Chip - SUB80

Please note that in order to code chip 4D60-80 bit, you can use following tools: Miraclone, Tango, Keytool, TMpro, CN900 or other tools to make it work.