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2017-2018 Flip Remote Key for Toyota Scion 89070-12C20 HYQ12BFB ILCO LookAlike

2017-2018 Flip Remote Key for Toyota Scion 89070-12C20 HYQ12BFB ILCO LookAlike-0 thumb
Toyota Scion Flip Remote 89070-12C20 HYQ12BFB ILCO LookAlike thumb

2017-2018 Flip Remote Key for Toyota Scion 89070-12C20 HYQ12BFB ILCO LookAlike


Compatible Part Number89070-12C20
Key BladeIncluded
Buttons"3" (Lock - Unlock - Panic)
Remote TypeFlip Remote Key
Chip TypeTEXAS ID 4D H
Works on the following models:Toyota Corolla iM (2017-2018)
Scion Corolla iM (2017-2018)

Introducing the High-Quality New Flip Remote Key from ILCO LOOKALIKE, specifically designed to fit various Scion models including Toyota Corolla iM (2017-2018), Scion Corolla iM (2017-2018) This key serves as a reliable replacement for multiple part numbers including this key can replace part number 89070-12C20, FCC ID HYQ12BFB, IC 1551A-12BFA, operating at a frequency of 315MHz.

Designed to work with vehicles that equipped with a standard ignition key entry system, this key is not compatible with push to start cars, this ILCO LookAlike Scion key features 3 buttons, Lock, Unlock, Panic The key comes complete with a battery for added convenience

Please note that this Scion car remote includes an insert emergency key. However, it's important to mention that professional programming is required, either from an automotive locksmith or a local car dealer. Please be aware that the programming cost is not included in the price. We do not provide locksmith services such as key cutting or programming

Referred to by various names such as keyless entry remote key is also known as remote key, remote keyless entry, car key fob, this ILCO LookAlike Scion keyless entry remote offers advanced functionality

To ensure compatibility, it is crucial to verify your vehicle's compatibility fitment guide and match the Manufacturer's Part Number / FCC ID. Although remotes may appear identical, they may differ in functionality

We understand that compatibility can be a concern. At KEY4, we offer a free compatibility check service to assist you. Simply provide us with your VIN number, and if possible, the make, model, trim, and year of your vehicle. Feel free to reach out to us via chat, WhatsApp, phone, or send us an offline message (click here to check the VIN number).


Compatibility This part is compatible with 4 vehicle(s).

2017ToyotaCorolla iM
2018ToyotaCorolla iM
2017ScionCorolla iM
2018ScionCorolla iM