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Triton Plus Key Cutting Machine Commercial Edition

Triton Plus Key Cutting Machine Commercial Edition-0 thumb
Triton Plus Commercial Edition Key Cutting Machine thumb
VoltageDC 24V/5A
Weight36 lbs
Screen Size7
Cutting Accuracy - X Y Axis0.0025mm; Z Axis: 0.0025mm
Spindle Speed12000 RPM
Working Temperature Range32° - 104° F
Working Humidity Range10- 90%

The New all-in-one key cutting machine that took the locksmith industry by storm is now more powerful than ever! Featuring upgraded on-board electronics and a powerful new gear-driven motor, Triton PLUS by Lock Labs has been redesigned with the future in mind. Triton PLUS is the only key cutting machine developed and supported by actual locksmiths who truly understand your every need. Discover for yourself how this absolute workhorse has quickly become the core of operations for locksmiths across America!

Triton PLUS has something for everyone—from journeymen learning to cut house keys, to Master Automotive Locksmiths who specialize in BMW and Mercedes, Triton Plus has you covered with three brand-new package options.

Triton PLUS Features

  • Brand-new, completely overhauled direct-drive motor and motherboard to ensure our machine will have the ability to grow with your business for years to come.
  • Integrated, proprietary key code database supports key cutting directly by code for most automotive keys, streamlining your workflow and eliminating the need to reference other code sources.
  • Contains a comprehensive database of automotive, commercial & residential keys and can even generate dimple-cut keys.
  • Custom search functions include the ability to search by vehicle model, keyway, or IC card number.
  • The direct duplication feature traces and cuts unknown keyways for those rare instances where you have an original key and a compatible blank, but no space and depth information. The advanced key tracing feature will also account for wear on known keyways and automatically round off to meet original key specifications, or cut to a perfect match.
  • Create custom key profiles that will allow you to input your own space and depth info and tether it to the keyway of your choice.
  • A 12-Volt power adapter that will allow you to operate the machine with the power from your vehicle cigarette lighter. (Sold separately; included with Ultimate Edition only)
  • Unlimited, free updates for the life of your machine via Wi-Fi.
  • Removable chip tray for easy clean-up without having to unmount the machine from your bench or vehicle.
  • Bolt-down kit for the safe and secure mounting of your machine to the surface of your choice. (Sold separately; included with Ultimate
  • Edition only)
  • A fully-integrated, all-in-one design that includes onboard storage for all cutting bits and tracers.
  • 2-year warranty, which protects against all machine failures that result from flaws in manufacturing. Service center is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Free technical support for the life of the machine.

Triton Plus Commercial Edition is perfect for the locksmith who primarily cuts commercial & residential keys, but needs a machine that can grow with their business. Engrave your company name directly onto key blanks, so your customers never forget you.

What the set includes:

  • Single-Sided Jaw (TRJ2)
  • Tubular Jaw (TRJ3)
  • Engraving Jaw (TRJ5)
  • Engraving End Mill Cutter (TRC4)
  • 2 x 2.0mm Standard Replacement End Mill Cutter (TRC1)
  • 2 x 1.0mm Standard Replacement Probe Decoder (TRD1)
  • Triton Jaw Storage Case (TJSC)

Other Accessories & Replacement Parts (SOLD SEPARATELY):