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Manufacturer Xhorse
Xhorse Part Number XDPG16EN
Color Green

Optional item, need to be purchase separated, read and write TMS370 series chip.

TMS370 Adapter For Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer XDPG16

VVDI-Prog V4.6.6 adds TMS370 Adapter:

+ Add TMS370C002A, TMS370C010A, TMS370C012A, (Need TMS370(PLCC28) ADPATER) 
+TMS370C020A, TMS370C022A, TMS370C032A, TMS370C040A, TMS370C042A, (Need TMS370(PLCC44) ADPATER) 
+TMS370C050A, TMS370C052A, TMS370C056A, TMS370C058A,TMS370C256A (Need TMS370(PLCC68) ADPATER) options in <2-MCU>->

Main Function:

  • Read/Write Old Jetta (–2009) BCM
  • Read/Write Opel Sail (–2009) BCM