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Xhorse Wire Flip Remote Key Knife Style 4 Buttons XKKF20EN

Xhorse Wire Flip Remote Key Knife Style 4 Buttons XKKF20EN-0 thumb
Xhorse Wire Universal Flip Remote Knife Style 4 Buttons XKKF20EN thumb
Buttons"4" (Lock - Unlock - Trunk - Panic)
Xhorse Part NumberXKKF20EN
Xhorse Remote TypeWire Remote

This is a new universal wire flip remote key from Xhorse VVDI, Knife Style, XK Series, XKKF20EN- XKKF20.

This VVDI remote (XKKF20EN) has 3 buttons, Lock, Unlock, Trunk.
This Xhorse remote (XKKF20EN) needs lithium coin battery (not included, purchase separately).

XKKF20EN is designed to use with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool Max, VVDI Key Tool Plus.

This Universal key XKKF20EN is also known as a wire remote, wired remote, universal flip key, xhorse key, vvdi key. Comes in a red package from Xhorse.

Please note that the key blade is Not included with this Knife Style Xhorse remote XKKF20EN. We have a variety of universal flip remote key blades; you can purchase it from the link below.
The Roll pin is included for free with each Xhorse remote.

There is no transponder chip installed in this knife Type remote. You can generate or re-generate this remote by using any VVDI key tool, you should remove the battery before connecting the remote with the cable (socket connection).

XKKF20EN is not a key fob replacement for a specific car make, it is a universal remote which can be generated to many cars make and models. You can install the Xhorse app and check the supported vehicles list. This key needs to be programmed by a professional automotive locksmith.

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