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Weight 1lb - 4.880oz
Manufacturer Xhorse
Condition New
Size 2.58 x 1.83 x 2.56 in
Color Silver

Smart and stable, Flexible and multifunctional.

There are four different clamps: M1, M2, M3 and M4.
Some Dimple/Tibbe keys need M3 optional Clamps, M3 clamps used for Ford FO21 & Citroen Sx9 Keys.
M1 and M2 are standard equipped, M3 and M4 are Optional.

CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Ford M3 Fixture for Ford TIBBE Key Blade
Function: Works with Condor XC-MINI Master Series Key cutting machine for cutting Ford and Jaguar 6-cut tibbe key blade.
Package Include: 1pc x Ford M3 Fixture.