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AccuReader For Honda Motorcycles HD74 / 75

AccuReader For Honda Motorcycles HD74 / 75-0 thumb

AccuReader For Honda Motorcycles HD74 / 75



The HD74/75 set is a 2-in-1 set. They are combined for the price of one. Instead of offering two different AccuReaders to cover both code series.
This set comes with 2 keys. The first one is designed to read any wafers in positions in HD74 locks and the other key is designed to read any wafers found in the HD75 locks.

The AccuReader works on the process of elimination to decipher the correct depths of the lock. By checking the deepest cut first, you eliminate what the cuts are not.

Therefore, it is essential to always read the deepest possible depth first, in this case the #3 slide. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the tools and verify all pieces are accounted.

Package Contents:

  • 1-HD74 AccuReader key
  • 1-HD75 AccuReader key
  • 1-insertion/release slide
  • 1-HD74/75 depth slide #3
  • 1-HD74/75 depth slide #2
  • 1-Tube storage container
  • 1-Tube Cap

Compatible with:

  • Honda Rebel
  • Honda Shadow
  • Honda NightHawk
  • Honda Magna
  • Honda Fury
  • Honda XR (Dirt Bikes)
  • Honda CRF (Dirt Bikes)
  • Honda CBR600 (up to 98)
  • Honda CBR900 (up to 96)
  • Honda CBR929 (up to 99)
  • Honda VTR1000 SuperHawk (up to 00)
  • Honda RVT1000 (up to 06)
  • Honda MOST ATV's & Dirt Bikes