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JMA Nomad Go Portable Key Duplicator Machine With Built-In Battery

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JMA NOMAD-GO Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator With Built-In Battery thumb

JMA Nomad Go Portable Key Duplicator Machine With Built-In Battery


  • New Arrival
CutterFP11 (Ø63 x 5 x 16mm)
Weight17.637 lbs
Speed2100 RPM
Useful RunX = 53mm
TransmissionRibbed Belt
Motor24V DC - 150W
Power SupplyLithium Ion Battery 25.9V 2500mAh

The JMA NOMAD-GO is a highly portable and self-sufficient key duplicator. Equipped with a built-in battery, this compact machine can operate for up to 4 hours without an external power source, making it perfect for mobile locksmiths. Designed for both portability and precision, the NOMAD-GO delivers high-quality key duplication in a lightweight and convenient package.


  • Ultra-Compact Frame: The NOMAD-GO features an ultra-compact and lightweight design, enhancing portability.
  • Mobile Versatility: Its portability allows for key duplication services wherever they are needed.
  • Battery-Powered Convenience: With a built-in battery, the machine provides up to 4 hours of uninterrupted operation.
  • Cord-Free Mobility: The built-in battery eliminates the need for a hardwired power connection, offering true autonomy.
  • Crafted for Mobile Locksmiths: Specifically designed to meet the demands of mobile locksmith professionals.
  • Precision Engineering: Engineered to deliver precise and accurate key duplicates.
  • Professional-Grade Results: Ensures high-quality key duplication despite its compact size.
  • Micrometric Fine-Tuning: Features micrometric adjustment capabilities for precise fine-tuning during duplication.
  • Ergonomic 4-Way Jaws: The 4-way ergonomic jaws provide a secure and efficient grip on keys, enhancing stability and accuracy.
  • Smooth Carriage Movement: The carriage offers smooth and fluid movement for seamless key duplication operations.
  • Nylon Abrasive Brush: Includes a nylon abrasive brush to aid in cleaning and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance over time.